Our purpose

Our purpose

A company's raison d'être is understood as its purpose, the target towards which it strives. You can learn more about our raison d'être in the pictured presentation below, the result of month-long group deliberation:
Because we want biology to strive, we at DL Santé believe in investing to bring you simpler and innovative solutions.
Together with you, our teams commit themselves and their expertise to shape the future of biology.

DL Santé is organized around 4 products and several cross-functional solutions. As such, it englobes all the functionalities expected of laboratories. Odancio acts as the LIS (Laboratory Information System), BioManager as the technical platform's management utility, Armure as a management solution for quality and stocks to follow the NF EN ISO 15189 norm's imperatives, and LaboConnect as an online service platform.
These products are packaged with hardware and software cross-functional solutions for a wider range of service.
In order to extend laboratories' possibilities, DL Santé also created the Odancio Connect program.


DL Santé in a few words

  • DL Software's Healthcare department: a "workplace" software publisher

  • a technical expertise in service of the market's widest functional coverage

  • More than 30% of our staff works in R&D

  • a wider range of services to help laboratories every step of the way and overcome growth challenges

  • an experience of more than 30 years in the workplace

  • the most popular publisher for certified NF EN ISO 15189 laboratories