• Armure

    Make quality
    a management tool

Armure puts Quality Controls and stock management at the heart of the laboratory in a comprehensive and autonomous manner. Made of several modules, this software will give you with a comprehensive and skillful vision of your QMS (Quality Management System), in accordance with the NF EN ISO 15 189 norm.
It is connected to the market's main LIS and EFM and optimized for multi-site use. Armure lets you manage the whole Quality process within your structure in a simple manner.

Armure is the perfect collaborative tool for a quick and simple circulation of information.


Armure structure enables an easy handling of the software. The several modules are linked according to the needs of the laboratory. Software ergonomics is dedicated to your use.

With Armure, you have a comprehensive and immediate view of your actions through the dashboard. Customized by profile, each user sees its specific actions.


Armure integrates with existing system without any modification of the system. It is connected to the market's main LIS and EFM.


Armure evolves according to your needs and those of the market. Armure conforms to NF EN ISO 9001, ISO 15189 and ISO 17025 norms.


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