• BioManager

    The optimal management
    of your production

DL Santé's middleware BioManager allows you to supervise your technical platform. BioManager manages your production independently of the analysers and the Quality Control process. Its ease of use and its many functionalities make it one of the market's best middlewares.

Apart from the middleware's inherent functionalities such as the results' technical validation, the control process management and Quality Control process, BioManager allows you to supervise and securize your production. You can keep track of every test tube on any site you want or on the automat's unique interface.


BioManager is used to supervise, in real time, all the analytical production tools of your laboratory. Our middleware shows the workload allocation and enables action in one click. The view is customized by user based on the laboratory and its benches. 


BioManager centralises information to address them quickly and thus increase the productivity of the technical platform. With over 70 standard control rules, BioManager offers laboratories the possibility of automating and standardising.


Through several features such as mirroring, BioManager secure your production and allows the technical platform a continuity of service. BioManager has all the expertise to make quality production (indicators, quality controls, traceability, TAT reports...). BioManager adapts to any environment regardless of the number of laboratories or analysers of your oragnisation.


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