A next generation LIS, Odancio is known for its ease-of-use ergonomy and its functional coverage. This makes it the perfect solution to the challenges faced by laboratories; accreditation, analytical standards, productivity, customer loyalty. Each innovation implemented in Odancio has been carefully studied, the result of our 25 years of experience servicing biological and medical laboratories.
Odancio acts as as comprehensive functional coverage from pre to post-analytics, with cross-functional processing management.

Save minutes every day and hours every week!

Since your laboratory's collaborators have complex and demanding assignments, Odancio is easy to use.
Easy to learn from the get-go because of its intuitive ergonomy, designed to serve our users' experience. Easy to use on a daily basis, because of its customizable home screen, which adapts itself to each user and provides them with the relevant information.

Your productivity is its only goal!

No two workplaces are the same. With Odancio, your laboratory becomes more efficient: the software adapts itself to fit your challenges, and not vice-versa. Customize its interface to save time, or effortlessly automate complex professional processes to secure your production !
Laboratories now process new volumes, which require a highly available information system.

There are no limits to innovation.

Biology moves ever forward. Odancio's platform is designed with the most advanced technologies, so that you benefit from their latest innovations: not only from DL Santé itself, but also from other publishers through the Odancio Connect program.

Isolated networks belong to the past; Odancio opens up to the world, the safest way possible.

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