Our structure

Our structure

Details about our organization are included below to give you a better idea of how we work:

  • Research and Development

    Each year, DL Santé spends more than 25% of its sales revenues in R&D investments. Development Engineers develop updated versions and new products, as well their validation and implementation on testing sites.

    Theyoffer innovative solutions to answer the users'requirements and keep tabs on the entire biological industry (automat manufacturers, physician software publishers in virtue of H.P.R.I.M/HL7). They attend the industry's technical mettings; as such, DL Santé contributes to the improvement of the different quality standards.

  • Commercial Department

    The Commercial Department includes sales engineers and client advisors, ensuring the study and qualification of your projects. Sales engineers possess technical as well as functional skills and use them to analyse the laboratories' needs with precision, and to present them with relevant solutions. On top of sales, they also have to monitor the accounts of which they are responsible. They remain at your disposal for detailed presentations of our products.

  • Project Lead

    A Project Lead is named whenever a software is implemented on a new site. Said Lead becomes the client's close collaborator and ensures the project goes smoothly, following DL Santé's methodology. The Lead coordinates the participants and supervizes every phase of the project: software and hardware installation, laboratory launch, control points, configuration finalization, automat connection and communication module implementation, test phases, post-launch support. The Lead writes and/or validates every document asked of the client (site file, proceeds...).

  • Training

    Software implementation is facilitated by pre-service training, configuration assistance and presence during installation. On a more specific level, inter-company training seminars are regularly organized in our offices. E-teaching or custom-made training are also possible, depending on your needs and goals.

  • Client Department

    The Client Department takes charge of technical support for our clients, owing to the subscription of maintenance contracts and to the deployment of our solutions. This department includes engineers and technicians, organized in units after their specific skill domain: Softwares, Third-party payers, Connections, Infrastructure. Whenever necessary, the Client Department is supported by a third-level support team, made of expert consultants specialized in short-cycle developments.

DL Santé in a few words

  • DL Software's Healthcare department: a "workplace" software publisher

  • a technical expertise in service of the market's widest functional coverage

  • More than 30% of our staff works in R&D

  • a wider range of services to help laboratories every step of the way and overcome growth challenges

  • an experience of more than 30 years in the workplace

  • the most popular publisher for certified NF EN ISO 15189 laboratories